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Product Name Remedy
SYZYGIUM JAMBOLANUM 1X Diabetes mellitus
Aappetiser Loss of appetite and debility
Adel 1 For all types of headaches
Adel 11 For Constipation
Adel 13 For normalization of metabolism in obese
Adel 14 For anaemia due to iron deficiency
Adel 18 For treatment of diabetes
Adel 19 For exhaustion, depression
Adel 2 For burning/bleeding piles
Adel 25 For insomnia
Adel 32 Inflammation Drops
Adel 51 For mental and emotional stresses
Adel 56 Genetic predisposition and infections of all types
Adel 6 For thyroid problems
Adel 61 For strengthening of adrenal gland
Adel 69 For circulatory disturbances causing vertigo
Adel 79 Anaemia and prevention of iron deficiency
Adel 8 For high blood pressure
Adel 85 For overcoming mental, physical and emotional exhaustion
Adel 85 Tonic For overcoming mental, physical and emotional exhaustion
Adel 87 For prevention and treatment of bacterial and viral infections
ADEL ALFALFA 100 Energizes vital functions – General Tonic
AESCULUS PENTARKAN Piles and related problems
AGRIMONY Hide their troubles under smile
ALF Forte General weakness & nervous debility
ALFALFA Tonic for any age group
ALFALFA MALT HW Nutrition and tones up appetite and digetion
ALFALFA TONIC General weakness
ALFALFA TONIC - Diabetic Lowers nervous exhaustion
Alfalfa Tonic 100 ML General Tonic- Energizes vital functions
Alfalfa Tonic 500 ML General Tonic- Energizes vital functions
ALFALFA TONIC WSG General Tonic- Energizes vital functions
ALFALFA TONIC WSI General health tonic
ALFAMALT FORTE improves the metabolic process of the body
ALFAMALT MALT Energy Stimulant
ALFAVENA MALT Tonic for any age group
ALPHA HA Headache drops
ALPHA LIV Liver tonic, Sluggish liver
ANBUTA Plus Immunomodulator
Ashoka 1x Loss of appetite, nervousness
Ashwgandha 1X general weakness,
ASPEN Unknown Fear
Ayurvedic agarbatti Scanted sticks
B TRIM Obesity and Weight Drops
BAKSON PAIN KIT Pain Management
BEECH Need to see more beauty m
Bio com No 11 Feverish condition, Catarrhal condition of respiratory tract
Bio com No 24 Nerve & Brain related problems
Bio com No 7 Diabetes
BIO LIV Liver & digestive tonic
CALCAREA FLOUR Piles, cataract, gumboils, arteriosclerosis
CANTAURY People who find it difficult to say NO
CARDUS MARIANUS PENTARKAN For enlarged liver or liver function
CERATO Lack faith in their judgement
CHERRY PLUM Heading Fear
CHEST NUT BUD Fail to learn the lessons of life
CHICORY Expect to receive love in return
CLEMATIS Present into fantasies of the future
CRAB APPLE Cleansing remedy
Decil Analgesic and Antipyretic tablets.
Decil Analgesic and Antipyretic tablets.
DEPROTAL N Depression
DIAB AID DROPS High Blood Sugar
DIBONIL For diabetes mellitus
Dr. Reckeweg R 13 Piles
Dr. Reckeweg R 14 Nerve & Sleep Drops
Dr. Reckeweg R 16 Migraine and Headache Drops
Dr. Reckeweg R 26 Draining and Stimulating Drops
Dr. Reckeweg R 29 Vertigo , Syncope Drops
Dr. Reckeweg R 40 Diabetes Drops
Dr. Reckeweg R 51 Thyroid-Hyper Drops
Dr. Reckeweg R 54 Memory Drops
Dr. Reckeweg R 59 Obesity and Weight Drops
Dr. Reckeweg R 7 Liver & Gallbladder drops
Dr. Reckeweg R 77 Anti-Smoking Drops
Dr. Reckeweg R 84 Inhalent Allergy Drops
Dr. Reckeweg R 87 Anti-Bacterial Drops
Dr. Reckeweg R 88 Anti-Viral Drops
ELM Loss of confidence
FATOSAN Helps to stay trim
FE-MIN Anaemia
FERROHEAL SYRUP Optimise haemoglobin level
FEVER CARE Fever associated with flu
Fluzin Drops Cold Flu and Fever
Forest Honey Immunomodulator
Garcinia Cambogia Natural fat cutter
GARCINIA CAMBOGIA TAB weight management
GARCINIA GAMBOGIA weight management
GENTIAN Mild downheartedness
GERIPEP SYRUP Geriatric tonic
GINSENG 1X Stress & Fatigue
GO TOX Detoxifier
GORSE Who have given up hope
Guatteria Gaumeri Tab Hypercholesterolemia
HEATHER Buttonholers
Hekla Lava Calendula Dental Care Tooth Powder
Hepatina Liver disorders, hepatitis, loss of appetite
HEPTASAN For liver complains
HOLLY Negative, aggressive feelings
HOME KIT First AId Medicines
HOMEOCAL Osteoporosis
Homeopathy for Anger and Mortification Homeopathy for Anger and Mortification
HONEYSUCKLE who live in the past instead of the present.
HORNBEAM Feelings of exhaustion and tiredness
Immudin Immunomodulator
IMMUNOFORCE Stimulates and build general immunity
IMPATIENS remedy for impatience
Jamun 1x Diabetes
Jamvadi churna Diabetes
KALI PHOSPHORICA Mental& Physical weakness
LARCH Lack confidence in ones ability
LIV T Liver & Digestive Tonic
LIV-UP SYRUP Malfunctioning of liver
Maxi slim Obesity and Weight Drops
MIGRAINOSAN Migraine headaches
MIMULUS Remedy for known fears
MUSTARD Deep gloom and depression
NATRUM MURIATICUM Intermittent fever, sun stroke, toothache, stomachache, diabetes
Nervocalm Drops Sleep Stimulator
No-Jet-Lag Perfect Travel compaion
OAK Remedy for strong, steady people
OLIVE Remedy for tiredness and exhaustion
PENTAPHOS Health Promoter
PHYTOFIT Obesity and Weight Drops
PHYTOLACCA BERRY Obesity and Weight
PILE GO Bleeding or blind piles
PILGO Relieves Piles & FissuresRelieves Piles & Fissures
PINE Who blame themselves for something
POMADE AESCULUS Painful Piles and Fissures.
POMADE FP Painful and Bleeding piles, Fissures and associated pain.
POMADE HAMAMELIS Bleeding piles, Sore lips and Cracked heals.
Randhir Tonic Anaemia, fatigue, sleeplessness
RED CHESTNUT Who feel fear for the well-being of others
RESCUE REMEDY Situation appears threatening to the individual
ROCK ROSE Remedy against terror
ROCK WATER people who take self-repression
Sarpagandha 1x High Blood Pressure
SBL HOME KIT First AId Medicines
SCLERANTHUS Who find it difficult to make up their minds
STAR OF BATHLEHEM For the after-effects of shock
SWEET CHESTNUT Who have reached the limits of endurance
TOPI AESCULUS Piles and haemorrhoids - External
Toxigo Ttoxic effects of nicotine and alcohol
TRANQUIL Anxiety, tension, depression, insomnia.
Travel Kit Homeopathic Travel kit
URTICALINE Calcium supplement, Dentition trouble
VERVAIN People are perfectionists
VINE Who know their own minds
VISCUM PENTARKAN High Blood Pressure
VITAMIN D PLUS Nutritional supplement
WALNUT Remedy protect us against outside influences
WATER VIOLET For talented and capable people
WHITE CHESTNUT For unwanted thoughts and mental arguments
WILD OAT Who feel they want to do something
WILD ROSE Who have have given up the struggle
WILLOW Who feel resentful and bitter
Homeopathy for total cure - Register appointment today - mail@shubhamhomeopathy.com | Customer Care No. +91 - 9824538105