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Respiratory Disorders

Product Name Remedy
Iobine Tablets for treatment of common cold and allergies
ACCONITUM PENTARKAN Common cold and associated symptoms
Adel 10 For bronchial asthma, cardiac asthma
Adel 23 For acute/chronic catarrah
Adel 24 For tonsilitis
Adel 48 For swelling of the lymph nodes
Adel 7 All types of cough
Adel 83 For whooping & bronchial cough
AF TABS Influenza, Fever, Cold, Allergy
ALLER AID Allergic Rhinitis
ALPHA CC Acute and Chronic cough
ALPHA CF Cold and Flu
ALPHA COUGH Spasmodic and suffocative cough
ALPHA NC Nasal congestion, Headache
ALPHA RC Respiratory Cattarh
ALPHA SH Sinus Headache and Sinusitis
Anas barbariae Flue
Asthamin Asthma
ASTHARID Bronchitis, cough, copd
Asthin Asthma, bronchitis
Bio com No 2 Bronchial asthma
Bio com No 5 Coryza, Running Nose
Bio com No 6 Cough, Cold, Cattarh
Co-Ex Cough-cold and bronchitis
CORY C Cold and Cough
Desma Treatment of asthma, Chronic cough
Dr. Reckeweg R 43 Asthma Drops
Dr. Reckeweg R 45 Voice Hoarseness-illness of the larynx
Dr. Reckeweg R 48 Pulmonary Respiratory Diseases
Dr. Reckeweg R 49 Sinus Drops
Dr. Reckeweg R 57 Pulmonary Tonic
Dr. Reckeweg R 76 Asthma Forte Drops
Dr. Reckeweg R 8 cough Syrup
Dr. Reckeweg R 9 Cough Drops
Entrops Tonsillitis , pharyngitis. Infections of the gums
FERRUM PHOSPHORICA Feverish condition, Catarrhal condition of respiratory tract
FLU AID Flu, Coryza
KALI MURIATICUM Throat infection, glandular inflammation
KALI SULPHURICUM Catarrh with yellow discharge, itching of the skin and seasonal rashes.
KOF AID Cough Reliever
KOF SYRUP Allergic cough
KOFEEZ Cough,Asthama,Dyspnoea
KOFGAN Cough, Cold, Cattarh
Kofsed Drops Cough with Wheezing
KUSHAL KANTHIL Sore throat, cough
MULLEIN EAR DROPS Otitis Midia, Ear infaction
NATRUM SULPHURICUM Gastric biliousness, Uric acid diathesis
NESAL AID SPRAY Allergic Rhinitis, Sinusitis
Omeo Allergy Allergy and Rhinitis
POLLINOSAN Hay fever. Acute & chronic allergic rhinitis
Pulmolin For respiratory tract infractions
RHINITISAN For acute and chronic colds.
SINUSAN Sinusitis
stobal logenges sore throat
STODAL PLUS Dry cough, productive cough,
STODAL PLUS GINGER Cough , Sore Throat
THROAT AID Tonsilitis,
TONSIL AID Guards Infection
TONSILAT Acute tonsillitis, pharyngitis, sore throat
TONSILON Tonsilitis
TONSISAN Acute tonsillitis
Tulsi 1X Cold, Cough, Fever
Wheezal Mixture Expectorant syrup
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