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Adelmar Pharma

Product Name Indication Price
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Adel 1 For all types of headaches Rs.235
Adel 10 For bronchial asthma, cardiac asthma Rs.235
Adel 11 For Constipation Rs.235
Adel 12 For general skin diseases, psoriasis, eczema Rs.235
Adel 13 For normalization of metabolism in obese Rs.235
Adel 14 For anaemia due to iron deficiency Rs.235
Adel 15 For vaginal discharge. Rs.235
Adel 16 For acute and chronic gastritis Rs.235
Adel 17 For early stage of loss of sight Rs.235
Adel 18 For treatment of diabetes Rs.235
Adel 19 For exhaustion, depression Rs.235
Adel 2 For burning/bleeding piles Rs.235
Adel 20 For all types of allergy Rs.235
Adel 21 For prostate hypertrophy Rs.235
Adel 22 For cystitis, frequent urination Rs.235
Adel 23 For acute/chronic catarrah Rs.235
Adel 24 For tonsilitis Rs.235
Adel 25 For insomnia Rs.235
Adel 26 For treatment of osteoarthritis Rs.235
Adel 27 For treatment of acute and chronic inflammation Rs.235
Adel 28 For high cholesterol Rs.235
Adel 29 For acute and chronic urinary tract infections Rs.235
Adel 3 For jaundice & liver disease Rs.235
Adel 31 Menstrual troubles Rs.235
Adel 32 Inflammation Drops Rs.235
Adel 33 For different forms of oedema Rs.235
Adel 34 Spleen and liver drops Rs.235
Adel 36 Erectile dysfunction Rs.235
Adel 38 For treatment of convulsions and cramps Rs.235
Adel 39 For treatment of Sciatica Rs.235
Adel 4 All types of arthritis Rs.235
Adel 40 All forms of warts, juvenile and vulgar. Rs.235
Adel 43 For cardiac insufficiency Rs.235
Adel 44 For venous stasis, varicose veins Rs.235
Adel 48 For swelling of the lymph nodes Rs.235
Adel 49 For Gastroenteritis, Cramps Rs.235
Adel 5 For stomach related problems. Rs.235
Adel 51 For mental and emotional stresses Rs.235
Adel 54 For prevention of heart attack Rs.235
Adel 56 Genetic predisposition and infections of all types Rs.235
Adel 6 For thyroid problems Rs.235
Adel 61 For strengthening of adrenal gland Rs.235
Adel 66 For removal of external and internal toxins Rs.235
Adel 69 For circulatory disturbances causing vertigo Rs.235
Adel 7 All types of cough Rs.235
Adel 73 for fungal infections of hair, nails and skin Rs.235
Adel 75 For Powerful Treatment of Inflammation, Arthritis Rs.395
Adel 78 For general skin diseases, psorioses, eczema Rs.395
Adel 79 Anaemia and prevention of iron deficiency Rs.690
Adel 8 For high blood pressure Rs.235
Adel 83 For whooping & bronchial cough Rs.375
Adel 85 For overcoming mental, physical and emotional exhaustion Rs.975
Adel 85 Tonic For overcoming mental, physical and emotional exhaustion Rs.575
Adel 86 For all forms of warts Rs.235
Adel 87 For prevention and treatment of bacterial and viral infections Rs.235
Adel 9 For premature hair loss; thinning of hair Rs.235
ADEL ALFALFA 100 Energizes vital functions – General Tonic Rs.260
Adel Warts Combo All type of warts Rs.525
DIACARD Heart Tonic Rs.450
NEO-CARD® N drops Heart and circulatory complaints Rs.330
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