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Product Name Indication Price
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ESSENTIA INFANTIA shetrengtns bones and teeth Rs.85
SYZYGIUM JAMBOLANUM 1X Diabetes mellitus Rs.160
ACCONITUM PENTARKAN Common cold and associated symptoms Rs.160
AESCULUS PENTARKAN Piles and related problems Rs.136
AGNUS CASTUS PENTARKAN Regulates the hormonal balance Rs.160
ALFALFA TONIC - Diabetic Lowers nervous exhaustion Rs.95
ALFALFA TONIC - Paediatric Stimulates physical and mental activities Rs.75
ALFALFA TONIC WSG General Tonic- Energizes vital functions Rs.260
ALFALFA TONIC WSI General health tonic Rs.75
ALPHA ACID Acidity, Heart Burn , Regurgitation Rs.110
ALPHA CC Acute and Chronic cough Rs.110
ALPHA CF Cold and Flu Rs.110
ALPHA COUGH Spasmodic and suffocative cough Rs.99
ALPHA DP Digestive Problems Rs.110
ALPHA HA Headache drops Rs.110
ALPHA LIV Liver tonic, Sluggish liver Rs.95
ALPHA MP Cramps, Muscular pain, Rheumatic pains Rs.110
ALPHA MS Motion sickness Rs.175
ALPHA NC Nasal congestion, Headache Rs.175
ALPHA RC Respiratory Cattarh Rs.175
ALPHA SH Sinus Headache and Sinusitis Rs.175
ALPHA TONS Acute & chronic tonsillitis Rs.175
ALPHA TS Tension and stress Rs.95
ALPHA WD Strengthens immune system Rs.100
ANEKIND Effectively corrects anaemia Rs.95
ANGIOTON Low Blood Pressure Rs.110
B&T 7ÖL strengthens hair Rs.150
B&T COOL TALC excessive sweating Rs.65
B&T SUNSCREEN EXPERT Sun screen Rs.175
BACOPA MONNIERI 1X Brain Tonic Rs.160
BERBERIS PENTARKAN Reliable remedy for renal calculi (kidney stones) Rs.160
BIOFUNGIN Iron Tonic Rs.847
BT Anti dandruff Oil Anti dandruff Oil Rs.110
BT Arnica Shampoo Hair growth Shampoo Rs.142
BT Hair Growth Oil Hair growth Oil Rs.140
CALCIOKIND Ensure proper metabolism of calcium Rs.95
CARDUS MARIANUS PENTARKAN For enlarged liver or liver function Rs.160
CHAMODENT Controls inflammation of the gums Rs.95
COLIKIND Griping abdominal pain Rs.95
CRATAEGUS PENTARKAN Takes care of cardiac weakness Rs.160
DAMIAPLANT Erectile dysfunction Rs.369
DAMIAPLANT GERMAN Male Impotency Rs.575
ENUKIND Nocturnal enuresis Rs.95
ESSENTIA AUREA Cardio Tonic, Hypertension Rs.176
GARCINIA GAMBOGIA weight management Rs.185
GASTROBIN Acidity, Gastritis Rs.190
GINSENG 1X Stress & Fatigue Rs.280
GRAPHITES PENTARKAN Dermatitis, Dry eczema, Eczema, Eruptions Rs.160
GRINDELIA PENTARKAN Allergic bronchitis, Bronchial asthma Rs.160
Hertone Utrotonic Rs.180
KINDIGEST Acidity with nausea and vomiting Rs.95
KINDIVAL Regulates sleep, by calming the patient Rs.95
KLIMAKTOLAN Menopause Rs.190
LUFFAKIND Allergic rhinitis in Children Rs.95
RAUVOLFIA SERPENTINA 1X High Blood Pressure Rs.165
SABAL PENTARKAN Enlargement of prostate Rs.160
Schwabe Eye Drops Cineraria Maritima Schwabe Eye Drops Rs.190
Scwabe Eye Drops - CMS D2 Conjunctivitis, mild Eye injury Rs.150
TOPI AESCULUS Piles and haemorrhoids - External Rs.65
TOPI ARNICA Muscular aches due to injuries / wounds Rs.65
TOPI BERBERIS Acne, Pimples, Psoriasis Rs.65
TOPI CANTHARIS Minor Burns and Injuries Rs.65
TOPI HEAL Antiseptic healing cream Rs.65
TOPI MP For Rheumatic and Sciatic Pains Rs.65
TOPI SULPHUR Allergic dermatitis, Antimicrobial cream Rs.65
VISCUM PENTARKAN High Blood Pressure Rs.160
Homeopathy for total cure - Register appointment today - mail@shubhamhomeopathy.com | Customer Care No. +91 - 9824538105