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About Dr. Hetal

Homeopathy exists in this world from the ancient time. Homeopathy from the vary beginning is having sure curing and treatment.

Homoeopathy, based on the simple principle of stimulating the body’s own healing response, is more popular than ever. At Shubham Homeopathy, our attempt is to bring you a comprehensive, user-friendly guide that shows you how to use homoeopathy to help heal common ailments. Optimizing Homeopathy will affect positively at long term and it will cure for long term.

We are as true to our values today as we were when we set out, adopting an approach to business that supports customers, suppliers and charities alike. Success has been rooted in the quality of the products and customer service. From the beginning we were conscious that our customers were people exactly like ourselves, confronting all the same issues of self-employment and learning how to earn a living from the service they provide. This innovative approach to discussing business experience has become a hallmark of SHUBHAM. The catalogue and newsletter is eagerly awaited for its philosophical content as much as for the products we offer.

Dr. Hetal has been practicing homoeopathy since 1998 and has amassed an unimaginable amount of experience through phenomenal practice and his teaching experience. Dr. Hetal is also contributing his knowledge as an assistant professor in department of pathology at Ahmedabad Homeopathic medical collage and Hospital since 2004. Dr. Hetal is easily one of the successful physicians. Dr. Hetal was born into an educationist family, which has had a profound effect on personal and professional life. A sense of magnanimity and generosity was instilled since childhood. The spirit of generosity and the idea of serving society, cultivated in Dr. Hetal from childhood age which can be seen every day, in largely charitable practice at the Clinic.

The purposes of this web site are twofold, firstly, to make available thousands of different Homeopathic medicines directly from our store to your hand 24X7 / 365 days via our online search and order by telephone or e mail.

Secondly, the purpose is to give you a window into our pharmacy so that you can search and select product according to your need. Above that you can take advice from the doctor as and when needed.

We hope this website is a simple way of finding out about our products and our service. This has been design in such a way where you can see classification of all products in two types one is according to brand and the other according to the disease type. 

Buy Quality Products from Us.

With Warm regards,

With Homeopathy,

Dr.Hetal Patel

(Consulting Homeopath)

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Homeopathy for total cure - Register appointment today - mail@shubhamhomeopathy.com | Customer Care No. +91 - 9824538105