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Jet lag can mean:
  • Fatigue
  • Disorientation
  • Lack of concentration & motivation
  • Broken sleep after travel
  • Dehydration
  • Discomfort of legs & feet
  • Traveling sickness, motion sickness.
Jetlag is the curse of modern jet travel, resulting in loss of working efficiency & holiday enjoyment, often for days after arrival. No-Jet-Lag, a unique homeopathic remedy, now offers a convenient solution. Its effectiveness has been proven scientifically & is recognized has been proven scientifically & is recognized internationally by business & pleasure travelers, professional athletes/teams, elebrities, tour operators, travel agents, flight crews, military & diplomatic personnel.
No-Jet-Lag homeopathic is well known & respected in New Zealand where it was developed & has been available since 1990. Clinically proven effective Take No-Jet-Lag and Feel fresher after arrival No-Jet-Lag is a unique product, specially formulated & rigorously tasted to alleviate jet lag. This is the only remedy proven effective in clinical trial that crossed 24 times zone & involved athletes who are seasoned travelers & is also backed by study of international flight attendants who found No-Jet-Lag effective.
Like all homeopathic remedies, it is most effective if taken separately from meals, but this is not essential. Its is recognized that long-haul passengers often sleep for long periods in flight & wake only for meals & layovers, so NOJet- Lag has been formulated to ensure it will be effective even with meals, including coffee. No-Jet-Lag does not counter the effect of alcohol, lack of sleep, or pre-existing medical conditions.
Directions for Taking No-Jet-Lag Taking No-Jet-Lag is easy & convenient. Chew two tablets each time your plane takes off & each time it lands, even if you are not disembarking, to counter the effects of pressure changes and one every two hours while flying to counter the effects of long-haul flight. However, intervals of up to four hours between tablets are acceptable if sleeping in flight. No-Jet-Lag is best taken separately from meals, but this is not essential. It can be taken with other types of medication. Each pack of No-Jet-Lag contains 120 tablets, enough for over 20 hours of flying (equivalent to an around-the-world trip) 
Manufactured accounting to the Homeopathic pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS).
Now No-Jet-Leg is available in India made from original German dilutions. You can order No-Jet-Lag from any where across the world.

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Homeopathy for total cure - Register appointment today - mail@shubhamhomeopathy.com | Customer Care No. +91 - 9824538105